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In this version, side 1 decides how to split the money and side 2 accepts or rejects the offer. After both sides make their choice, the game ends. In this version, side 1 and side 2 make their choices, the money is awarded, then the teams continue to round 2 and make choices again. This version allows for as many rounds as needed for both sides to start to recognize patterns in the game.

After a series of rounds, both sides should begin to see the cut-off point where a specific dollar amount will be accepted or rejected. In this version, the sides are not simply competing against each other but against other teams as well. This version promotes more equality and fairness in the decision making process because too many rejections will decrease the totals for both sides in the larger competition. This game can be created easily on VoiceThread. You can create a VoiceThread with the instructions and enough slides for each group to play their game.

Simply upload your slides and record your comments, then drag and drop your VoiceThread into your group!

Throughout history, groups in power have made decisions that impact groups with less power. We see examples of this when learning about colonialism, governmental systems, trade negotiations, the legislative process to name just a few examples. To use The Ultimatum Game with history classes, decide which role side 1 will play and which role side 2 will play. Maybe side 1 plays the role of government leaders and side 2 plays the role of the people in the country or maybe they each represent different groups from the lessons you are teaching.

In this example, side 1 is the King of England and side 2 represents the American colonists in Side 1 is tasked with deciding how to divide the share of money made from the sale of tea and side 2 has to decide to accept or reject the split. Side 1 the King records their choice as a comment on slide 1 of the VoiceThread being used for their game. Once they have recorded their decision, side 2 the colonists decide to accept or reject it. After the specified number of rounds, the players discuss the game and analyze their decisions on the final slide of the VoiceThread.

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This discussion can then be guided to compare the mindset of the colonists in the game to the actual events leading up to the Boston Tea Party. Letting your students role-play each side can help bring otherwise dry historical facts to life. This activity can be a stand-alone math lesson or it can be used with the example above in a cross-disciplinary lesson.

Students can play The Ultimatum Game and record the values for each round.

They can then create a chart or graph and plot all of the data points. Students can upload their graphs to a VoiceThread and discuss their findings. Teachers can help them analyze ways to maximize the totals for each round and for the full game. This can be coupled with lessons on rate of change, percentages, statistics and more. You can have the students role play the different characters while they play the game around those central themes.

Understanding the motivations of the characters can help students relate to the decisions these characters make and empower students to inhabit the story through their avatars in the novel. Using the final slide in the VoiceThread for discussion of these themes can add a game element to your lesson. This game has its roots in Economics and Psychology courses, so those teachers can use this game to explore the themes in their own ways too. Setting up the game can be the same process regardless of your subject area, but playing around with the different versions can make the lessons more engaging and fun for everyone.

Let us know if you try gamifying your lessons with The Ultimatum Game! We would love to feature your lesson on our blog. You can check out part 1 here: This no longer needs to be the case. With VoiceThread, you can create pop quiz games using visuals that turn a boring assessment into a fun game. The concept is simple: Create a VoiceThread explaining the rules of the game to your students. At random times throughout the week, add a slide related to something your students have learned and ask them about it.

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This simple format can lead to a wide range of assessments. Here are just a few ideas you can try:. These brainteasers are actually just algebra problems, simple arithmetic or another branch of math disguised as a brainteaser. Many students notoriously struggle with geography. If you add an image of a country, or a map for them to label with geographic features like rivers or mountain ranges, you can create a quick and easy quiz game to motivate them in ways that a simple worksheet might not. You can also try uploading an image of a famous historical figure and ask the students a specific question about them.

For a quick and easy assessment of vocabulary, grammar or spelling, try adding a slide with a mistake or two. See if your students can use the doodle tool to correct the mistake in their comment. This could work for students who are native speakers learning grammar rules or students who are learning a new language.

For any of these subjects, you can keep a running tally of the scores either as a text comment on each slide, or you can upload a leaderboard slide like the one below:. These types of games can be scaled up to any level of education. If you teach at a medical school, you may want to include images of an x-ray or visible symptoms of an illness and ask your students to diagnose the problem they see in the image. You can even upload audio files of a particular song and ask students to identify the composer. You are only limited by your imagination and your students might just thank you for making learning more fun by adding game elements like this to your course.

If you try one of these games, drop us a note and let us know! We would love to feature your lesson on an upcoming blog post.

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Now you can insert your comments into a video exactly where you want them. Now you can pick up right where you left off! At the start of every month, administrators for School and University Licenses now receive an email detailing how VoiceThread has been used over the past month. This is a great way to see at a glance where your members are using VoiceThread most successfully and keep all of your information up to date.

By design VoiceThread already offers multiple means of engagement, representation, action, and expression, but there is always more we can do. Security and infrastructure improvements are always ongoing at VoiceThread. This year, in addition to regular patches, updates, and maintenance, we have focused on faster load times and processing, converting every single VoiceThread page to use HTTPS only, and completing our full transition from Flash to HTML5.

There is no administrative workload, no jobs to approve and manage, and no long wait times for users. The Automatic Caption Service is a set-and-forget feature. Contact us if you are interested in upgrading to the Platinum Service Tier. Version 4 of the VoiceThread mobile app is on its way! With a fresh look, more sharing options, increased stability and reliability, and more accessibility options, it will make VoiceThreading on the go much easier and more flexible.

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  3. A Tale of Two Teachers eBook by Lois Young - | Rakuten Kobo.

This will offer deeper LMS integration, more rostering transparency, and even some brand new features. We should be ready for some beta testers by the end of! Instead of the branching icon, it will look like a regular reply icon. Nothing about how this feature works will change, and the simpler button should make replying to a comment in VoiceThread much clearer.

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Game-based learning is one of the most effective ways to get students excited about learning. VoiceThread is not a gaming platform, but with a little creative lesson planning you can design activities that take advantage of gaming principles. Over the next few weeks, we will be showing different ways you can use these game-based learning principles for a variety of educational tasks. This post will explain how you can use VoiceThread to create simple games using the doodle tool to assess fact recall.

You can access the doodle tool once you start an audio or webcam comment on your VoiceThread. This tutorial will show you how it works:.