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And will be able to use that time to perfect the skills I learn in a way that some online courses could never assist. I was a single parent, with no one else to pay my mortgage. I wanted more time and freedom to balance child-care with my own desire to have control over my own destiny. And I wanted my income to be determined by my own efforts, not by the mood or whims or dictates of a boss. I wanted to be in control, riding the winds of fortune and navigating the fluctuating economic landscape. More than that I wanted to rekindle my passion and creativity in both the workplace and home.

And I wanted to make a living doing the work I felt born to do. Not a reckless, foolishly optimistic one anyway. I was afraid like you might be. I doubted anyone would hire me, or that I could convince others to buy my products and services. I worried that if I severed the safety chord of a regular wage I may not be able to pay my mortgage. I had a mortgage to feed, and a daughter to support on my own, and so I boxed on.

But I never gave up on my dream. I started feeding my soul by reading books by, and about, inspired entrepreneurs. I subscribed to entrepreneurial magazines and devoured articles. I calculated my hourly rate as an employee and quickly realized I could work less hours and earn more if I employed myself. The final push I needed to take the leap came when my friends, who were turning fifty, encouraged me to join them on a girls trip to Italy. My boss turned down my application to go on leave.

I share my personal story from stressed out salary-slave to self-employed nirvana in my Mid-Life Career Rescue series—check out my boxset — 4 books for one! Great value! I have more freedom, work-life balance, creative control and autonomy, and greater work security as a self-employed worker. If you feel like I once did, wondering if being your own boss will ever happen for you, help is at hand. Or perhaps you worry running your own business will be all-consuming. If you dream of being happy and working with passion and joy, I encourage you to consider taking a calculated and inspired leap into self-employed bliss.

While some employers may consider your age or wealth of experience to be a liability, that same experience is an asset when you are running your own show. Prospective clients and customers care more about the value you can provide than they do about your age. And running your own business can also offer you the freedom, flexibility, purpose, and autonomy you crave. After establishing a successful recruitment business, and following a period of depression Leigh yearned to help others.

I share her story of reinvention in the book. Let love, inspiration, and passion propel you forward. The variety of examples of entrepreneur stories given makes you realize that anything is possible with enough will and determination! Cassandra paves the way for you to have belief in your ideas and to run with them.

Employ yourself! Live the entrepreneurial life and create a product and service so good that people will pay for it. My hope is that I can change yours. How stepping away from your work can boost your mood, reduce anxiety and spark joy.

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The fastest way to go from stress to joy without being overwhelmed. Life transformed by faith in the stars. Interesting interviews: Listen to my best interviews on topics like overcoming obstacles, finding joy in adversity, following your passion to prosperity. Online Course: Find Your Passion and Purpose with my best-selling self-paced course made for busy people. Keynote speaking: Hire me to speak to your organization or team about Resilience, wellbeing, innovation, and motivation.

You can get more of my thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. AND I have a coach. That is what a coach does! Sheree Clark followed her enthusiasm—her passion for helping others and sharing what she had learned through her own life challenges led her to start her coaching business. The seeds of change were also cultivated during a stressful time in her life and her former job. She shares her journey of mid-life career reinvention below:.

I am a healthy living life coach.

Secrets of Becoming a Late Bloomer: Extraordinary Ordinary

I also believe that at any given point we are all at a proverbial fork in the road. That fork can be a major one—such as a career choice or the decision to enter or leave a marriage—or a small one, like whether to say yes to dessert or being on another committee. So, when the focus of my business shifted to life coaching for women over 40, the name was still and perhaps even more fitting for my practice. Fork in the Road is truly a crescendo of all of my life experience.

I work with my clients to transform their health, reclaim vitality and mental focus, and help ensure they gain clarity on their vision and purpose. The truth is, I had grown bored at my job at a local university and had even announced my resignation, effective the following academic year long notices are an accepted practice at US academic institutions. In the meantime, I had met—and fallen in love with—my later-to-be business partner, and the rest fell into place. He convinced me that my skill set as a teacher, advisor, and mentor would transfer easily to the business development aspect of running an advertising agency.

We stayed business partners for 25 years although the romantic aspect tanked after the initial 14 years. My current business began after I decided to leave the agency world and my now-ex behind. During my time owning the agency, I had taken a variety of classes simply out of an interest in personal development.

Many of the courses had to do with health, nutrition, and emotional maturity. Eventually, as I became less interested in the marketing work and more involved in the business of human potential, it became harder to rally enthusiasm for owning an agency. Finally, just as we were preparing to commemorate 25 years in business together, I told my partner I wanted to exit our partnership to begin something new. Finding an idea that would be successful—ask your way to success. I found the right product for the right market by trial and error!

Mendocino County, CA

When I was feeling unfulfilled in my business I scheduled a series of interviews with fellow entrepreneurs. I picked women who owned businesses. The only thing they had in common was that I really respected them, even though some I had never met in person. One of my interviews was with the publisher of a local business newspaper: a fabulous lady who is probably 20 years my senior.

We had our meeting over lunch and I told her, candidly, about my inner feelings.

Katherine Forsythe (Author of Sexperienced)

I told her I was hoping she might shed some light. I asked her what she thought my skill sets and offerings were and where I might be able to plug the gaps. Her feedback? She said she had always thought of me as a teacher and a coach. She said she saw me as articulate, smart and capable, which in itself is nice to hear, especially coming from someone you admire. And then she offered up a casual suggestion.

Why you feel what you feel - Alan Watkins - TEDxOxford

I went back to my office and sent a query letter to the editor of a graphic design magazine I had written for once or twice before, and asked if they were looking for writers. Within an hour my phone rang. It was the editor himself. His words nearly knocked me off my chair.

We are starting a business advice column in the next quarter, wanna write it? I ended up writing that column for five years.