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Melodrama … rigs the consequences of actuality in manipulating the plot toward escape, reprieve, or rescue, and culminated in a happy ending. A Cowboy-esque Melodrama set in Southern-Italy. Culture War. The cultural determinates of southern Italy and southern-Italian Americana cannot be understood without reference to the post-Risorgimento Culture War northern Italians waged against the people of the South and their American progeny.

In short, Aprile captures it eloquently:. Identically, today Americans of southern Italian descent have no self-awareness or memory of their Southern Italian history and culture. Just a couple of examples:.

His breath reeked of wine…she could see the blackheads on his porous-skinned face L Now I know why my grandfather left. Godforsaken Southern Italy. The clash between the good guys and bad guys defines the plot and determines the action of Vendetta Mountain. Southern-Italy is a degenerate place …. No wonder and thank god our grandparents came to America. Donny is the American grandchild of an Italian immigrant from Montenovo — a fictional town in vicinity of Pignola, Basilicata, southern Italy.

He says:. However, the first clause in the book captures the Culture War theme. Irish Cathleen says:. She goes on:. Basilicata is "so un-Italian"!


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As they use to say in the nineteenth century:. Women stood in patient silence around the fountain watching its steady stream of water fill a terra-cotta jar, with other jars and metal buckets…. Moving further into the denigating cornucopia from negative descriptions of the countryside, to negative descriptions of the town , we are then presented with negative descriptions of the house where Donny and Cathleen will live in during their weeklong visit.

The exasperated Irish American Cathleen wails:.

Italian Fascism

He took:. L Full Circle. If you like low-brow melodramatic crime stories, as I do, this is a good read.

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The Editors are not responsible for, nor necessarily in agreement with the views presented by individual contributors. On September 30th, Carmen Anthony Fiore wrote. This Blog. Archive Child Slavery in Sicily The death of the Italian language in America. Kristine Gasbarre? Antiquated Renaissance City-States built walls around their cities, while Southern Italy led Europe into nation-state era.

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Terroni Americana - Gramsci Test Case Amari Scholar, Revolutionary, Statesman vs. Manzoni novelist. Joseph F. Privitera: Creative Sicilian Language Teacher Towards a Southern-Italian American Curriculum. So who cares? Guidos Galore. Italian Americans by the Numbers — Comparative ethnic population totals and percentages. The Church re Turns Right San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Southern-Italian Americana Implications.

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Mafia Justice: Puzo and Aeschylus. Before Fresco Sinatra — the dialogue with Joey Skee continues. Southern-Italian American Culture. Thinking about American Italian Identity - R. Terroni-ism in Sicily Today. Palermo - Ancient Walls and Modern Streets. Italian American Culture: Illusion or Reality? Sicilian Founders of Rome revisited So … What Happened to Little Italy? Step Aside Homer! Robert M. Palermo: Ancient Rivers and Modern Streets. And he acts as a coach for his clients, helping them place their work.

Fiore feels established writers should make themselves available to help neophyte writers the same way they received help when they were starting out. And writer conferences are the best place to mingle and meet your colleagues, since it will recharge your inner creative battery.

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I often wondered why I decided to become a writer and when was the exact date I started to be a writer in general. I know for a fact I started to write seriously for publication on May 25, , having written it down. Recently, going through papers on my desk, I discovered some memorabilia, my third grade report card. Curious, I read it once again; and there it was: Why I became a writer as recorded by my third grade teacher, Mrs.

God bless her. I vaguely remember what she looked like back in She was an attractive woman in her thirties and astutely observant.

History, Memory and Representation

She nailed who I was back then, and I am still that person, but only larger and older. He is an enthusiastic talker and is quite observant. He shows interest in all social studies and especially in our study of Eskimos.

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His Eskimo booklet has a pretty cover and several good stories. Go figure? God, it makes me feel old!

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He likes to learn about people and interesting things. At least my two children grew up without starving and my wife and I made it to our mature years without social or financial trauma.

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Its title is Sugar Daddies Hey, what else can a writer hope for, and rightly so? Writers and readers are joined at their hips like conjoined twins, and hopefully again, they should never separate. God bless all our readers wherever they are. Besides finding me on my website www. If you would like to take part in an author spotlight, take a look at opportunities-on-this-blog the spotlights are option a or email me for details. Welcome to the six hundred and sixteenth of my blog interviews with novelists, poets, short story authors, biographers, agents, publishers and more.

A list of interviewees blogged and scheduled can be found here. If you like what you read, please do go and investigate further. Morgen: Hello Carmen. Carmen: My real name is Carmen Anthony Fiore, which is also my professional writing name. After a three-year sojourn in Florida with my wife, Catherine, who is a professional artist and art teacher, we moved back to our home state, New Jersey. The Toms River area is only about five miles from the Atlantic Ocean. I was born in Trenton, NJ.

Anyone from Great Britain who is interested and familiar with the interlocking history of our countries will note that the battles of Trenton and Princeton in Christmas holiday time against the Hessians and the British troops played a pivotal role in the American Revolution and Gen.

Talk about a momentum switch! Looking back, I realize how important that was to my becoming a writer.