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Lessons from the Story of Moses and Al-Khidhr

This book will empower people in understanding and navigating the dynamics of the master-disciple relationship and learn to value that relationship, deal with death-anxiety, and understand and pursue the quest for symbolic immortality at the heart of our lives. This book opens a conversation about a story that has been more acclaimed than studied, more valorized than examined, more revered than understood, and illuminates the dynamics of the master-disciple relationship and our relationship to death and dying and the quest for immortality.

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Al-Khiḍr, the Green and Artistic Spiritual Guide (excerpt)

Meher Baba reported that on the night St. Al-Khadir r and companion Zul-Qarnain Alexander the Great marvel at the sight of a salted fish that comes back to life when touched by the Water of Life. Public domain. He saves the pure in heart from theft, drowning, snakes, and scorpions.

In a Turkish story, an old white-bearded man hailed a tourist bus and asked the driver to wait while he went to bring his sick grandchild.

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Minutes passed and the old man did not return. When a passenger came forward, he discovered the driver had died.

Walking with al-Khadir – العلم النافع

Numerous are the stone images of the Green Man that grace household gardens, homes, and churches. Medieval cathedrals feature Green Man faces framed with foliage.

Anderson St. George and St. The Hindu avatar Rama is green. The Tibetan yogi Milarepa turned green by eating mostly nettles.

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Sir Gawain was initiated by the Green Knight. This on his first appearance he is described successively as a terrifying giant ll.

Khutbah: Wisdom & Benefits from the Story of Musa & Khidr ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi - June 2014

And on his last appearance, besides all these, he appears as a warm and sympathetic human being ll. For example, the green sage Yoda trains Luke Skywalker. The Moses figure, Cord the Seeker, seeks training from a blind kung-fu master played by David Carradine.

This land is the alchemical nigredo. By penetrating into the unconscious he makes a connection with his unconscious contents.