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    Consumer spending and U.S. employment from the 2007–2009 recession through 2022

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    Despite the postrecession decline in consumer-related employment and the historic decline in spending, consumer-related employment demonstrated relative stability both during and after the recession, upheld by gains in two sectors: health care and social assistance, 18 The percentage of jobs in the economy supported by consumers increased see figure 3 as the share of investment-related employment fell to unprecedented levels.


    And by , consumer-related employment reached prerecession marks, while overall employment did so in As the economy continues to recover and the baby boomers age, BLS projects that consumer spending will grow 2. The rise of consumer spending as a percentage of GDP is also anticipated to stabilize, thus ending past decades of relative growth in comparison with other GDP components see figure 1. Consumer-related employment is projected to increase 1. But as consumer expenditures on traditionally labor-intensive services like health care continue to grow, Over half of the new 9.

    This article is arranged in the following manner: the first section reviews the methodology to translate consumer spending to employment using the input—output system, while the second section goes over prerecession consumption and employment trends. The third section summarizes consumer-related employment during the latest recession and recovery, comparing it with the economy as whole and other GDP components. The fourth section looks at consumer-related employment for major sectors and detailed industries during the latest recession and recovery. The last presents BLS projections of consumer-related and total employment through To estimate the number of U.

    Otherwise, the purchase of imports would artificially inflate U. Domestic PCE for the 17 major sectors are listed in table 1. BLS translates import-adjusted expenditures to employment using an input—output system, which traces the purchase of a good or service through the entire chain of production, from intermediate production to final sales.

    The diagram summarizes the input—output system. Then, the total requirements table is transformed to an employment requirements table using employment—output ratios that reflect labor productivity. Import-adjusted PCE is then multiplied by the employment requirements table—which is also import-adjusted—to arrive at net annual PCE-related employment. This is because changes in consumer-related employment are driven not just by consumer demand, but also by factors such as the commodity distribution of demand, relationships between output and demand total requirements matrix , and employment—output ratios.

    Furthermore, in the context of the recession, a simultaneity issue exists between consumer spending and total job loss: do consumers cut spending in response to an economic downturn, or is a downturn caused or worsened because of consumer behavior? For this analysis, BLS simply estimates the correlation between consumer spending and overall employment but does not assert the causal direction of the relationship. Though most attention in this article is given to — and projections through , long-term trends for consumption and employment use a time series dating back to Historical BLS publications are relied upon to determine approximate ranges for the period from to All spending figures are in real inflation-adjusted dollars and based on BEA data published in March Leading up to the — recession, consumer spending as a percentage of GDP had risen for 40 years, increasing from just over 61 percent in to just under 70 percent in see figure 1.

    PCE growth also outpaced general economic expansion see figure 4. Sources: Bureau of Economic Analysis for —, U. Bureau of Labor Statistics for — projected. The late s saw a surge in spending as Americans bought new technology and globalization ushered in less expensive imports. Economic growth, rising home values and equity, easy credit, and declining personal savings rates also prompted higher consumer spending, supplemented by baby boomers reaching their highest earning years.

    Even though consumer spending as a share of GDP rose several percentage points, the percentage of U. Between and , PCE-related employment accounted for roughly 60 to 62 percent of all employment.

    National Accounts at a Glance: 2009

    In fact, consumers have been responsible for a relatively stable percentage of total employment since the late s: BLS previously estimated that PCE-related employment ranged between 61 to 63 percent for — and 60 to 64 percent for — Between and , PCE grew 3. Some of the discrepancy was due to increased consumption of imported goods. But domestic PCE, which removes imported goods and services, still grew 3. The remaining disparity between PCE and PCE-related employment can be attributed to productivity improvements, such as automation that reduces labor requirements.

    National Accounts at a Glance: | Fruugo

    Broader measures of economic activity showed similar discrepancies. Overall GDP grew 3. To understand the complete relationship between consumer spending and employment, we must also evaluate the relationship between all GDP components and employment as well. Focusing on consumer spending, this section covers employment related to each final demand component annually during the latest recession and the recovery years through The section concludes with an analysis of long-run trends affected by the recent recession.

    Tables 2 and 3 document output and employment levels in the recession tied to each final demand component, as well as showing projections to At that time, Goods-producing industries claimed 8. As the housing market collapsed and the financial crisis ensued, spending and employment relating to private fixed investment—which includes spending on structures, equipment, and software related to production—continued to decline from its peak, sparking economic contraction see figures 7—9.