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General Comment Stealthheart Well stated. Music is subjective and lyrics have personal meanings for different people. Some things cannot be appreciated but by individual experience, like delivering a baby. His life flashed before my eyes, too. My son was tormented by military related PTSD.

You’re Growing Up Right Before My Eyes

He couch surfed his last 7 months of life. When the song starts, the lyrics speaks his perception to me. How his life derailed and his personality "timber shakes these trails". I hear him saying his final words In making meaning-of his journey-as it pertains to being his mother; I'm still waiting on that explanation. Dead and gone but not forgotten. Vilomah i heard you.

Adagio for Strings

Flag woofagoofa on October 07, Woofagoofa thank you and the artist. Flag Vilomah on October 07, General Comment I feel like this song meaning is best not discussed. If the power in this song doesn't hit you right away, you probably aren't going to understand it. To me it's just a very emotional song about life getting you down. It's got a few personal references maybe but they aren't worth digging to far into. This song is beautiful.

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Truly beautiful. I agree with you.

Flag icymore on April 29, No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Another awesome one he sings solo. I've given this one much thought, it's difficult to understand but I think this might have something to do with drugs. He sings, golden needles name we take in vein, find it harder to remain. Then he talks about falling to the ground and not being able to take it anymore, he could be passing out.

But then again, he talks about a girl and her pistol, maybe she shot him or he shot himself.

Little Nikki Feat. DJ S.K.T - Right before my eyes

General Comment I'm not sure if if it is "vein" or "vain" If its name we take in vein then it definitely lends itself to drug use, and I lean towards "vein" though. Gotta love the English language. I really love this song.

Right Before My Eyes - Course Of Nature -

General Comment The album version is a little more rock-influenced, but there's a solo reprise of it at the end of the album on "Flow" My favorite track from the album, no doubt about it. Hold her dirty hands over the flames Getting pleasure from the pain Softly screaming The pistol that she raised has spoken.

Golden needles, names we take in vain Find it harder to remain Nothing sacred Still waiting on that explanation. Everything I thought I knew fell to the side Time went on and on, I couldn't see past my own eyes Past my eyes, past my eyes, past my eyes.

N'n'G feat. Kallaghan & MC Neat Lyrics

I fell through the floor I couldn't take it anymore I can't take this anymore Breaks my mind uh-huh. Genius Lyrics. Cage The Elephant.

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