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ISBN 13: 9780471321842

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The Regression Estimator. The Poststratification Estimator. Data Collection. Traditional Data Collection. Computer-Assisted Interviewing. Mixed-Mode Data Collection. Electronic Questionnaires. Data Collection with Blaise. The Quality of the Results.

Sampling Statistics | Wiley

Errors in Surveys. Detection and Correction of Errors.

Imputation Techniques. Data Editing Strategies. The Nonresponse Problem. Response Rates. Models for Nonresponse. Analysis of Nonresponse. Nonresponse Correction Techniques. Weighting Adjustment. Linear Weighting. Multiplicative Weighting. Calibration Estimation. Other Weighting Issues. Use of Propensity Scores. A Practical Example.

Online Surveys. The Popularity of Online Research.

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Errors in Online Surveys. The Theoretical Framework. Correction by Adjustment Weighting.

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